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Customer Journey Audit

Are there ways to improve your marketing plan? Are you missing opportunities? Only a top-to-bottom audit will provide the answer. 

Your customer's journey - through their eyes.

This is an audit of your website and how it correlates with your marketing strategy & material as a whole. Do you have a strong offer to attract new email subscribers? Is there a way to improve your sign-up drip sequence? How are your ad creatives and landing pages? I'll provide a report on all this and more. Only recommended for established businesses.

Can you benefit from a Customer Journey audit? See if you fit into any of the following categories:

  • Your tracking data shows high Adds-to-Cart but low Purchases.

  • You'd like to improve your marketing e-mail open rates.

  • Your ads are getting lots of clicks but your landing pages aren't converting.

  • Your cold audience ads are doing great, but your remarketing ads aren't performing as well as you feel they should be.

  • You'd like to know if any general improvements can be made to your existing marketing plan. (Spoiler: there are.)

The world of digital marketing is a big, confusing, complex machine. And your marketing chain is only as strong as the weakest link. To build a successful e-commerce business, you've got to be sure that every link is strong and relevant. If you think you may be wasting marketing dollars, a Customer Journey Audit can put you back on the right track!

man writing on whiteboard

Includes Website Audit

Review Ad Creatives & Targeting

Scale Up With Confidence

Appraise Landing Pages

Review Lifecycle Marketing

Info Delivered via Detailed Report

Thank you so much for your advice and input regarding my website, email marketing, and ad campaigns. Your knowledge and recommendations were extremely helpful. I appreciate your approach and your work style. It is refreshing to work with someone that is professional (and fun), reliable, and who communicates effectively.

I look forward to consulting with you in the future as my business continues to grow! Until next time.