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E-Commerce Consultation

One-on-one time with me discussing your business, goals, marketing plan, and anything else you'd like.

Personalized expert guidance.

A consultation is a pure form of business. It's unbiased, there's no red tape or bureaucracy, and information is undiluted. You're hiring me to give you live feedback in real-time. We'll jump on a Zoom call, I'll share my screen, and we'll spend up to 2 hours at a time discussing your business and answering your questions.

Can you benefit from a consultation with me? See if you fit into any of the following categories:

  • You're new to e-commerce and want to be confident that you start on the right track and are using e-commerce software that's best suited for you.

  • You've built a new webshop but you're having trouble making your first few sales.

  • You have a solid shop and you're making some sales, but you'd like to know if you're ready to start running ads.

  • You're positive you're ready to run ads, but don't know where to start.

  • You have an established business and are running ads, but they're not effective.

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, I can help. I've worked with individuals who were brand new to the e-com world, companies that were bringing in millions a year, and everything in between.

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Address Specific Concerns

Discover New Tools

Recording of Session (Optional)

Have Questions Answered

Get Fresh Ideas

Grow With Confidence

Our e-commerce business launched three months ago. We have nearly 20 years of marketing experience, but e-commerce is new to us. Jonathan is an efficient, knowledgeable and helpful e-commerce consultant. During our session he walked through the good parts of our site and areas that could be improved.

He provided suggestions for optimizing content and tools to use for best results. Getting access to Jonathan's experience and insight is incredibly valuable. His input will help us continue to build our business.

It was motivating to know that our hard work is resulting in a site that follows some of his suggested best practices. I highly recommend Jonathan's consulting and auditing services.