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What I Do

I strive to keep the services I provide as simple and clear as possible. If I can accomplish that, the value is obvious. See below to learn how I can help you.

Free Website Audit

This isn't just a quick automated scan of your site. I personally test your SEO and website speed, run an audit of your main landing page, and write a report explaining what it all means. All for the crispy price tag of zero dollars and zero cents -- no risk and no obligation. Or, as the old saying goes: you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

E-Commerce Consultation

A consultation is a pure form of business. It's unbiased, there's no red tape or bureaucracy, and information is undiluted. You're hiring me to give you live feedback in real-time. We'll jump on a Zoom call, I'll share my screen, and we'll spend up to 2 hours at a time discussing your business and answering your questions.

Complete Website Audit

How does your website hold up against your competition? Are the load times fast enough? How’s the SEO? How are your images? Do your categories make sense? Is it secure? You'll know all this and more after a website audit. By running multiple performance scans + combing through your site manually, I'll provide you with a detailed report with ideas and recommendations.

Free Website Audit

$0 .00

it's free!
  • Basic SEO Scan
  • Basic Speed Test
  • Landing Page Check
  • No Risk or Obligation
  • Info Provided via Downloadable Report

E-Commerce Consultation

$59 .00*

*starting price. one-time payment
  • Address Specific Concerns
  • Have Questions Answered
  • Discover New Tools
  • Get Fresh Ideas
  • Recording of Session (Optional)

Complete Website Audit

Price is based on project scope. Contact me for a quote!

  • Verify Website Security
  • Check SEO & Spot Improvements
  • Test Website Speed & Report Issues
  • Review Usability & Aesthetics
  • Includes 1/2-Hour Consultation

A consultation or audit from me will give you insight into...

  • Your goals. Where you are, where you want to go, and how to get you there.

  • Your website. Know what’s great and what we can do to make it outstanding.

  • SEO. Your current Google rank, and what we can do to improve it -- no matter the industry.

  • Security. One of the most important factors to consider in the world of e-commerce.

  • Your marketing strategy. What kind of marketing or traffic system are you running? Who are you targeting, and how?

All 100% personalized and focused on you and your e-commerce business.